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    Affinity Groups

    We are embarking on a journey to create employee affinity groups. Does anyone have guidelines or best practices they can share? We are in the Financial Services industry.  Thank you in advance! ------------------------------ Alessandra Serboli Practitioner ...

  • Many thanks in advance for sharing! I would like to create a People & Ops Dashboard that I share with my Exec team on a quarterly basis. Do any others do this? If so, what information do you include/do your Execs find helpful? ------------------------------ ...

  • The rapid advancements in high-quality human resources data and analytics over the past few years have dramatically enhanced the influence of CHROs. This is obviously great for the careers of HR professionals, but also for the health of firms that are ...


  • WorkVision2020: The Human-Centric Organization. April 19-21, 2020. Registration is now open

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