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  • Hi Patricia, Thanks for raising this question. We're going through the same decision making process right now. Our A/P team would prefer that we not work through a reimbursement process since it will add to their day-to-day responsibilities. However, ...

  • We have recently moved 90% of our workforce to remote working/working from home.  Previously we have not reimbursed associates for the cost of general office expenses, because it was a benefit for them to work and home, and there was an option of working ...

  • Greetings! We are currently reviewing our international structure as it relates to staffing mobility.  We currently have a GEC but are considering alternatives (e.g., GEO, but not limited to that.)  If anyone can speak to their experience of these arrangements' ...


  • Visionaries: Leading the World of Work.  October 18-20, 2020. Registration is now open

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